What I Wore: Dorothy Wiz

What I Wore:
Top - H&M
Skirt - Jaspal
Shoes - Lewre
Ring- Pandora

When I chose this outfit, I had Taylor Swift in mind. (Big Taylor Swift fan right here!) I loved how she paired stripes with red shorts/skirts and her signature red lips. The outfit looked even better with her light blonde hair. If I didn't have a wedding at the end of the year, I would consider dying my hair blonde! Just for the fun of it. 

This was an outfit I was supposed to wear for my engagement/pre-wedding photo shoot with the talented Jenny Sun but decided to swap the skirt with a pale blue skirt instead so that I will match my fiance better. I didn't want to waste this outfit (and the beautiful bouquet I ordered for the shoot) so we decided to take a few shots of this outfit at a park near Watsons Bay in Sydney. 

I thought I looked a little like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with my sparkly Lewre red shoes, hence the title of this post. I didn't realised this until my close friend, Cheryl pointed it out to me. Oh and I also cannot be happier when Jenny Sun and her team mentioned that my outfit for the shoot reminded them of Taylor Swift even with the pale blue skirt! 

Mission accomplished! 

What I Wore: Of Pina Colada and Michael Kors

What I Wore:
Top - Ted Baker
Puffy Vest - Uniqlo
Jeans - Uniqlo
Boots- Ted Baker
Bag- Michael Kors (shopbop.com)

It was a bright sunny day in Melbourne the other day so my friend, Sera and I went to Sydney Road for a stroll and a little bit of shopping. I was so excited to bring my Michael Kors cross body bag out for walk. There's nothing I love more than to carry a small sling bag when I shop around. Hey, more hands for shopping is always a win in my books! :) Shopbop offers a huge range of crossbody bags on their website. Do check them out if you, like me, adore small cross body bags.

That day was also the day we found the best virgin Pina Colada in town. It was so refreshing and the level of sweetness was just right! I would drive down to Sydney Road again just to have that glass of Pina Colada. Hmmmm yummy! If you're in Sydney Road, go to Maddox Cafe and try it. They also do amazing coffee and breakfast. This is what I missed the most when I was away from Melbourne for 2 years. It's so good to be back and be able to chill out at a nice cafe and discover new food and drinks. Glad to be back Melbourne, so glad. :)

By the way, Shopbop is currently having 25% discount on their CK Underwear collection from 8th October until 13th October only. Click on this link to find out more about their promotional code. If not, the discount will apply automatically when you check out from your shopping cart!
I'm currently eyeing on these 4 pieces right now! Oh no!


What I Wore: Embracing Lace by Missguided

What I Wore:
Flafica Cropped jumper - Missguided
Rings - Pandora

This is the first time I've ever attempted lace in pastel hues. Usually I'm more drawn to dark laces, especially in black cause I think nothing is sexier than black lace. Pair them with red lipstick and I'm ready to go. This time however, I opted for a lighter hue and surprisingly I kinda like it. Perhaps it's the wedding dress research rubbing off on me. All I see these days are pretty off white, blush, pastel laces. Ahhh, so pretty! :) 

The baby blue jumper and sandals go so well this lace skirt, I'm thinking of keeping this colour palette through out this Spring time. Thanks to Missguided for this lace inspiration that I'll be incorporating in my outfits. 

I have to say this has got to be my favourite photoshoot session for the year 2014. If you realised, this post has more pictures that my usual blog posts. :) I was recently gifted a Canon EOS 6D by my lovely fiance and these are the first set of pictures we've taken with the camera and I just love the quality of the pictures! Also, the crisp lighting and glorious morning sun in Notthingham helped as well. These pictures were taken at the Old Market Square in Nottingham City. This is pretty much the place where everybody hangs out. As usual, we are always jet lagged when we are in this part of the world. Hence we took the opportunity to take pictures when everybody else was asleep, the streets were empty and the sun light was just right.