Colour Block: Gucci Spring 2011

Colour Block: Gucci Spring 2011

The current trend for this Spring (Autumn for Australia booo!) is all about colour blocking.
I've seen lots of them on the runway and even at LMFF but my favourite has to be Gucci's!
Especially the below colour palette:

blood orange, purple, deep green.
(tan background because these colours look best on tanner skin tone)

Gucci Spring 2011 backstage:
credit: wearitwithflair
Other Gucci colour block which I don't really fancy:

Camilla Belle wins hands down in this head to toe Gucci outfit:
credit: louloumagazine
I love how her tan skin makes the colours pop out even more.

Below is a comparison of Raquel Zimmernmann (whom skin tone is on the paler side) in the same Gucci ensemble:
credit: womenfashiontrends
Yup, tan skin matches these 3 colours better. 
Maybe I should go spray tan myself just so I can pull of these colours together. 

So, Gucci Spring 2011 colour blocking, yay or nay?


Genevieve said...

Those colours are delicious! If only we could wear it on an everyday scenario, I'd be happy everyday.

Kimmy said...

Yup agreed! :) such happy colours!
I especially love the orange blazer.

riestya arum permata said...

love the color :D


Kimmy said...

Riestya, I love the colors too!

La Petite Cherie said...

Camilla Belle is soooo gorgeous!! She makes everything look good :)

SS. said...

i love spring/summer colours! and i also noticed these block colours in zara. very tempted to buy the whole shop! nice blog btw :)

Kimmy said...

La petite cherrie: Yup agreed, she looks gorgeous in any outfit.

SS.: Thanks for your comment :)