Interior Decor Inspiration: Colour Popping

Recently, I've been shopping....A furniture stores.
The reason behind all these shopping is because I'll be moving into my new place soon.
*fingers crossed, it will be ready in the next 2 weeks*

I was very inspired with what I've seen in those designer furniture stores.
Everything was SO pretty!!
So I've decided to start a new category for this space of mine with interior decoration ideas and inspirations.

Today's post will be about furnishing a neutral toned area with a POP of colour.
I love to see accents of colour here and there on neutral furniture or in a neutral coloured room.

Here are some 'colour popping' inspiration photos that I love:

Everything I love in one picture. :) 
I’ve always loved a plain picture with accents of brighter colour here and there.


soft purple

It would be so nice to have this nice little area just to chill out with friends or read a good book.

garden terrace 



My favourite picture would be the 2nd and the last picture.

Which is your favourite?

On a fashion related note, colour blocking is a current hot trend at the moment. But I much prefer 
neon on neutrals rather than two bold colours together.


Sara said...

Wow these house look amazing, I adore the pop of color, it really makes everything more special, I love the first photo, that table is perfection; I want one just like that! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Barb said...

ooh, pretty pops! i love elements in all of them. hopped over from FTLOB. thanks for the eye candy!

toocrewel said...

Love the second and third one! Also the yellow bedroom is great. I keep "window shopping" online for new things for my boyfriend and I's apartment, I've been itchin' to redo some things- these photos are great inspiration.

Just found ya from the blog!

Liesi @

Vikki @ She Has Cute Shoes! said...

So that's what I've been doing in my place. Lol.

I basically have a black & off white palette with wood floors & statement pieces with a bright blue wall or in the kitchen red anodised accessories etc.

Raising my coffee cup to you in admiration of this post today. :)

Vikki ( new follower ) :)

Hannah J. Holmes said...

I LOVE color popping! Seriously that is one of my favorite effects for outfits,decorating and style in general :) Great post. I'm still gushing over that first photo, with the pink lamps. I am also moving soon, so I'll definitely be pinning some of these for apartment inspiration :)

Sara said...

Oh hurray - new houses are so exciting! Stressful and exhausting at first, but the shopping definitely makes up for it!
My favourite decor is always neutral with a colour accent. I remember a spread in a magazine years ago that had everything painted white, with a different colour pop for each room. I wish so much I'd torn it out, but these pictures remind me of it a lot!

Tara said...

I want every single room that you posted!I LOVE that purple room with the huge windows and chandelier. Reminds me of a romantic flat in Paris!

I didn't realize how similar this weekly post is to my new post about apartment colors! Looks like we both have a fascination with apartments :)

Have a good weekend too! I'm so happy you are a follower!

Kimmy said...

Sara: How pretty is that table?? <3 Thank you for your lovely comment and the follow.

Barb: You're welcome and thank you for visiting.

toocrewel: I'm glad those pretty pictures have inspired you! :)

Vikki: You've got great taste then! :) Great minds think alike hehehe.
*raising my cuppa latte to you too*

Hannah J. Holmes: Thank you lovely! Good luck with the move and have fun decorating! :) Don't forget to share some pictures.

Sara:I agree. It really is exhausting. I can't wait to move in when everything is ready!

Tara: I know right? I wish I had 10 rooms for me to decorate with different themes!!

I love interior decoration. :) and I'm so excited to see more of your apartment colour inspiration posts.

B said...

ohh it's too hard to pick..they are all lovely places I'd love to live in! xx

TiasaurausRex said...

I love the purple room it looks so calming and relaxing, But they are alll really amazing?

Did you take these pictures?

Kimmy said...

B: me too !! :)

TiasaurausRex: They are aren't they? :) No I didn't take these pictures. The links to the respective owners are provided after each picture. :)