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There's a surprise at the end of this post.


As an organised person, I love keeping my things tidy. I'm the sort of person who will buy a drawer organiser before I fill it with the things that will be kept in the drawer. 

As a person who travels quite a fair bit, I also like to organised my toiletries, make-up and accessories so that I won't go looking for them frantically when I'm travelling. Time management is crucial when you're on a tight traveling schedule so having a toiletry bag to organise your belongings saves a lot of time.

Therefore, I was so happy when I receive this package on the eve of my birthday.

Before this, I was using a dull black toiletry bag to hold my toiletries.
Now, thanks to groomy I can keep my toiletries organised and looking pretty too!!


Groomy is the creation of the talented designer, Tania Fittkau who decided to create a young and vibrant range of toiletries goodies to ease your frustration when it comes to organising your toiletries. 

"Keep your daily beauty regime in check with Groomy toiletry and cosmetic cases, designed to bring charm and a dose of practicality to your grooming world. These adorable vintage inspired cases with clever compartments ensure you can easily find all of your favourite beauty products and accessories no matter where in the world you are."

"The Groomy collection features 12 styles ranging from the carry all toiletry bag, travel case, makeup pouch, beauty tool wallet, travel bottles, hair ties and more. Be spoilt for choice with three exclusive signature prints, Babushka, Woodland and Carousel, available in each style."

"Caring for all creatures, Groomy donates one per cent of all sales to the Lord Smith Animal Hospital."

The products are of excellent quality and is very affordable. 
Not only that, as an animal lover, I like the fact that they are supporting an animal hospital.

This overnight toiletry bag in woodland design has got to be my favourite. 
It fits all my on-the-go make up and is a good size to chuck it in my handbag.
The other product that I love is the beauty tool wallet, also in woodland design.
It's a very versatile product cause you can actually use it as a wallet to keep your cash and cards for days when you don't want to use your bulky purse.

It's also perfect as a card/cash organiser that you can use for your clutch!

I say no more dull toiletries bags, bring on Groomy! :)
Visit their website to get your hands on some of these cute and affordable toiletries organisers.
They are currently offering free shipping to all of Australia.
For those outside of Australia, there will be a shipping fee.


Because it's my birthday month and I feel like giving back to my awesome readers, I have decided to do a giveaway!

Everybody say Yeay! I'm very excited for this as this is my FIRST time having a giveaway.
I hope you will love this gift as much as I do.

The wonderful ladies at Groomy decided to throw in, not one, not two, but THREE of their products for my lovely readers.

Three of you will be getting this adorable Beauty Tool Wallet by Groomy, in Woodland design valued at $16.95 aud each.

All you have to do is (mandatory) :
  1. Follow me via Google Friend Connect (follow button is located on the right side bar of my blog)
  2. Like accidental encounters on Facebook (follow button is located on the right side bar of my blog)
  3. Comment on this post with your name, email address and which design you like best from Groomy's vintage collection. (woodland, babushka or carousel)
That's it! It's so easy! :)

If you like to put in additional entries, simply do one of the following. One comment for each (optional):
  1. Follow groomy on facebook
  2. Follow me on twitter
  3. Follow me on bloglovin'/tumblr

It doesn't matter where you are in this big world, I will mail it out to you where ever you are.

This giveaway ends on Sunday 9th October 2011 5pm EST (GMT +10 hours)

Good luck lovelies! 


nadox said...

Hello =)
-i follow you via GFC as :Nadox
-i like your facebook page as : Nada nadox

-Name: nada

nadox said...

I follow groomy on facebook as : Nada nadox

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i follow you on twitter as @thegirlnada

nadox said...

i follow you on bloglovin'as Nada12

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Julia Belkin!
I follow groomy and did the other two things (:
my favorite print is woodland!

Anonymous said...

Name: Eva
Design:Purple is my favorite color,so bubushka print!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I'm following groomy on FB

Michelle said...

I'm following you on Twitter

Michelle said...

they are soo cute! And I love the woodland design, who could resist those deers! I'm following via GFC and FB.

Name: Michelle Yip

sarah said...

i love themm and my favourite is the woodland print :) i like on facebook and followed on twitter

nane: sarah kassim

I'm Yuen Ling said...

I'm following GFC and Facebook

Name: Yuen Ling Kok
Email :

Woodland design I like the best!

I'm Yuen Ling said...

I'm following via bloglovin..

I'm Yuen Ling said...

I'm following via twitter

PeiPei said...

erm.... i'm not really understand how to win the groomy tool wallet~~ can u explain one more time??? O.o thanks so much... <3

Anonymous said...

Following via GFC~

i like woodland :D

goingkookies said...

Esther Ng aka

Following you via FB (as Esther Ng), twitter (goingkookies), GFC (goingkookies) and even Groomy's FB! (Esther Ng) :)

I <3 the woodland design.. really need a little cheer me up (don't mean to sound like a suck up or what not) so, here's me crossing my fingers and toes to winning!! :)

btw, thanks for visiting my blog!

Francivusk said...
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Francivusk said...

name: Francesca
email address: francivusk at hotmail dot it
design I like best: woodland <3

I'm following you via GFC and I liked Accidental Encounters on FB as Francesca Giveaway.

I really hope to win this <3

Francivusk said...

I liked Groomy on FB as Francesca Giveaway.

francivusk at hotmail dot it

Francivusk said...

I follow you via Bloglovin (francivusk at hotmail dot it)

francivusk at hotmail dot it

Koleen Enriquez said...

Name:Koleen Enriquez
I like the woodland print,I just simple love the color ♥

Koleen Enriquez said...

Followed Groomy in FB :)

Koleen Enriquez said...

Followed you in Twitter

ellenkaminagakura said...

You have such a cute blog!

Totally following you at bloglovin and facebook page !

Xoxo from japan.

ChiChi81 said...

I can't believe I missed this post, I'm always keeping an eye for your updates >.<" And yes, I'd love to join this giveaway haha

>Name: Rhowilyn Jordan
>My fave design from Groomy's vintage collection is woodland because I love the colour and the cute animal designs .
>Following you via GFC,
>liked your FB page under my blog's FB Page,
>Followed Groomy on FB under my blog's FB Page as well,
>following you on Twitter now,
>I'm follower #9 of you in Bloglovin.

Thanks for the reminder, Kim! Have a wonderful weekend!


A Single Girl's Musings

ChiChi81 said...

Oh snap, I didn't read the instructions on the additional entries haha!

Followed Groomy on FB on my blog's page, A Single Girl's Musings

ChiChi81 said...

Following you via twitter (@Wii_Chan168)

ChiChi81 said...

Following you via Bloglovin' (I'm follower #9)

Ajax said...

I'm following you on twitter (@aj_ax).

I can't like on facebook because I am boycotting it. But I am following your blog!

I like the woodland version of these cute totes!

Jian Alessi said...

Jian Alessi

mae1213mae said...

I followed on FB<3

Name:Sarah Britton

and I LOOOV the woodland design because it's just so cute! ^_^

Nina said...

Monina Mercado
woodland print

followed GFC name: Nina
liked on facebook name: Nina Mercado

Nina said...

followed groomy on facebook name:Nina Mercado

Nina said...

followed you on twitter!/ninaako

sowkeesh24 said...

name: Soc M.
Email add:
design i like: bubushka

followed groomy on facebook and you on twitter. :)

swati said...

name : swati tripathi
email :
print i like : carousel .. cause baby pink looks adorable :)
i follow your blog and have liked u on facebook
thank you <3

DietingPanda said...

Did everything plus the extra chances to win.
Name: Kyra Escanan
Email Add:

Woodland print since it matches almost every travelling bag I have. :)

cececesa said...

Hi! I liked the facebook page as Marcela Cesa. I couldnt follow the google friend connect, but I will keep trying. My name is Marcela Cesa and my e-mail is

cececesa said...

and i prefer woodland print ;)

lynx said...

Helloooo! :) lynx here. :)
name: lynx dela cruz
e-mail address:
i love the woodland print :)

you are amazing! :) love you! :)

lynx said...

i followed you on GFC and twitter (as you_heart_me)and liked accidental encounters and groomy on FB. :)

Kevin Two said...

Kevin Two
Liked the Woodland

Diana Marie Nava Obillo said...

Followed via GFC
Liked Accidental Encounters/Groomy

:) i saw this on tumblr. Awesome.

I like babushka :"">

Dianne Obillo.

Anonymous said...

hi..hannah down here..
your giveaways were awesome
i liked your facebook page but so sad coz i coudnt follow you in GFC..but still trying:0

name: Hannah lagura

Express yourself! said...

hi! I follow you via google connect, twitter, and like the page groomy, accidental encounters in facebook ☺

name: karyn guerrero
design: woodland

thanks!♥ ☺

Vanessa said...

I like the carousel design the best :-)
name: vanessa ty

i followed on facebook and gfc and i also liked the fb page of groomy :-)

kmjrdope said...

Name: Keani Rima

I love the woodland design :D

I liked the fb page, and I'm following on tumblr? I tried gfc but it's down :(

Ai Arita said...


Name: Arita
style: woodland

GFC: ai.arita
facebook: Gréta Gávai

Your giveaway is so cute!!

Ai Arita said...

i follow groomy on facebook as Gréta Gávai

Ai Arita said...

i follow you on twitter as missmorcoska

Ai Arita said...

i follow you on tumblr as fly-my-leaf

xItsMine ♥ said...
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xItsMine ♥ said...

Name: Ayushma

^ ^ x

xItsMine ♥ said...

I follow you on tumblr as Dreams-Of-Summer

Laynii said...

I followed you on here as enchanted.elaine, I liked accidental encounters on facebook too as Elaine Lam.
Name: Elaine Lam
My fave Groomy design is Woodland.
I've also followed groomy on facebook as Elaine Lam and followed you on twitter @layniicupcake

firstyvrn said...

hi !!
firsty virginia
i follow you on tumblr, twitter, and like you on facebook as firstyvrn
my favorite groomy design is woodland

Daphne Chai said...

- Follow you via Google Friend Connect
- Like accidental encounters on Facebook

name : Daphne Chai
email address:

I love woodland design from Groomy's vintage collection.

- Had follow groomy on facebook
- Had follow you on twitter

Thank you. Have a nice day ! :)

Lola said...


Name: Carol
I love the babushka from Groomy's vintage collection :) **

Karlie said...

Following via GFC and Facebook :)

Name: Karlie

Lovin' the woodland print! So cute.

The Cat Hag said...

I definitely love the Woodland print, it's adorable!

I am actually surfing their website now, thanks to you. ♥

Hope I winnnnnnn!!! :)

The Cat Hag
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Tara said...

Of course I follow you missy! And now I like you on FB too :)

I love the woodland design! So adorable!

xox Tara

Tara said...

I now follow you on bloglovin'!

Tara said...

I already follow you on twitter!

sparklesness said...

i'm not on facebook but i a follower on tumblr, twitter, google friend, and bloglovin??

does that count for something??

beks xx

the woordland is divine

(look at me, following instructions...)

va said...

gfc ,va
fb / ana amanti

tumblemumbo at

va said...

fb fan of groomy / ana amanti
bloglovin follower

tumblemumbo at

Yvonne Tan said...

Name: Yvonne tan
Email Address: yvonne_lvl90[at]hotmail[dot]com
I like the woodland design best! ♥

Followed groomy in fb and you in twitter! :D

MY Creative Brightside said...

Stephanie Kelley
Stephaniekelley12 (at) gmail (dot) com
Im following you on blogger and bloglovin
I like (love) you on facebook hehe

The woodland print is hands down adorable

Would love to win this giveaway :)

Sanne. said...

Wow, they are sooo lovely! I like the woodland design the most :) sooo cute!

Name: Sanne Michiels

Dawn said...

Following your blog with GFC and liked your facebook page!

I love the woodland design!
-Dawn Grimes

Dawn said...

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Angie said...

Name: Angie Wong
Design: Woodland Print